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Our Services

Balanced, Comprehensive, Physical Security Solutions

TRUSYS is your ADVOCATE and strives to mitigate risks with security design and implementation to enhance your security programs and support your operation’s success.

Our security programs are comprehensive and effective, incorporating the latest design methodology and technologies, as well as industry best practices, by professionals with extensive global security experience.

Our Process

  • Assessments –  Help develop a comprehensive understanding of the site security and any challenges, before treatments are applied.

  • Programming –  Determines how security treatments will be applied and ensures that technology aligns with the business goals.

  • Design –  Provides detailed information for use in planning, construction, maintenance, and upgrades.  The design is also used to improve quality, performance, and reduce costs.

  • Specifications –  Contractually binds the contractor to measurable performance requirements.

  • Bid Procurement –  A competitive bid or tender process ensures the best value for the equipment being purchased.

  • Construction Administration –  Project oversight to monitor schedules, resources, and quality through project completion.  Our team’s role is to anticipate conflicts and manage resolutions in a timely manner.

  • Commissioning & Acceptance Testing –  Ensures the purchased equipment and technology are installed according to the design and specifications, to begin the warranty period with confidence.

Security Countermeasures

We stay abreast of the latest technologies and industry best-practices to provide up-to-date solutions and technologies for all of your physical security needs.

Video Surveillance
Intrusion Detection
 Electronic Access Control
Command and Control Rooms
 Voice Communications Systems
 Bio-metric Technology
Facial Recognition Technology
 Fences, Gates & Barriers
Security Lighting
 Guard House Design
Video Analytics
Perimeter Intrusion Detection
Anti-Passback & Anti-Tailgate
License Plate Recognition

Thorough & Comprehensive Assessments

Schematic & Detailed Security Designs