About Us

Protecting your value

All businesses, institutions, organizations, and governments strive to deliver value to those they serve. Value is what stimulates competition, drives innovation, and leads to success. TRUSYS protects the value of our clients by addressing operational, security, and safety risks. These risks emerge from natural disasters, disease outbreaks, terrorism, information loss, asset loss, fires, chemical spills, and other events that jeopardize our client’s ability to operate in these strenuous situations. TRUSYS provides a unique blend of operational risk consulting, project, and staffing services that are designed to add specialized expertise and augment internal teams in order to reduce the cost, disruption, and embarrassment associated with these exposures.

Our Mission

We protect the value of our clients around the world by preparing them for disruptive events that threaten their operations.
Using industry standards and best practices we assist our clients in closing the gap between policy and the real conditions at their sites around the world.
We accomplish our mission by selecting exceptional professionals who are thought leaders in our industry.

Our Capabilities

Project Management
2D/3D BIM Design
System Validation
System Administration