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TRUSYS to Speak at the National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue “Smart-Ups” Summit

NIUSR, AFCEA and the USNI are hosting this two day conference on Readiness, Resilience, Response, Rescue and Recovery for Leaders and Communities January 31, and February 1, 2010 at the San Diego Convention Center. John Gargett, R-SEC Professional and TRUSYS Principal will be presenting a session titled “Continuity of Operations” using the concepts of T4 Operational Excellence (which is the framework for any organization doing risk, security, emergency and crisis management). The underlying principle is simple – teams of people, using proven organizational techniques, with current technologies, all brought together with regular training. The application of this approach will enable the maximization of limited resources providing a sustainable network to address all of the risks, security threats, emergencies and crisis situations that an agency faces.

If you have not yet registered, or would like more information you can visit http://www.niusr.org.

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