Information Protection Capabilities

Information Protection is the defense of the critical data and secrets of an organization. Our team includes senior information strategists as well as very technical “white hat” hackers who will unearth vulnerabilities and create best practices for securing your organization’s important information.

Application security

Vulnerabilities in software, web applications and mobile applications tend to disrupt business operations are the worst moments. We will assess the security shortcomings of your applications and help you remediate them efficiently

Network Assessment and Penetration

Hackers disrupt or intrude networks using an ever changing bag of tricks. We will identify the gaps and plug the holes before they are maliciously exploited

Social Engineering for Information Vulnerabilities

By employing pretexts by phone and email, we gain your employees’ trust and test how valuable company information may leak

Physical Penetration Test for Information Vulnerabilities

We enter your facility using a combination of stealth, social engineering and bypassing controls to test how safe company secrets are from physical theft

Strategy for Desktop Computing

Are you employing efficient and effective protections on your organization’s desktops and laptops? We will evaluate anti-malware, encryption and data leakage protections

Strategy for Secure Use of Mobile Platforms, Cloud Services and Social Networking

Our strategies and best practices will help you gain the most advantage securely from new technologies

Information Security Strategy and Framework Development

We help you align information protection programs with business priorities

Security Awareness Programs

We provide compelling content about information protection to your security and safety awareness campaigns.