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Do students and faculty have the right to feel safe and secure on campus?  The answer is obvious.  Over the last decade, schools and college campuses have suffered from significant impacts from major disruptive events.  Gone are the days when students, faculty, vendors and parents were allowed to walk onto a school campus without being screened, identified and checked against several databases.  Security is bringing major changes to schools and college campuses around the world.  In the next few years, we will see school security change in a way that we never would have imagined.   While there will be dramatic improvements in security technologies, and these technologies are important, reliance on them solely will not solve the problems currently faced.

A school or college needs to be organizationally resilient in the face of the threats and disruptive events.  According to the ANSI/ASIS Standard – “Organizational Resilience is the adaptive capacity of an organization, faced with complex and changing risks, threats and disruptive events, to be able to absorb impacts and continue operations with minimal disruption to its employees, stakeholders and the public.”   The TRUSYS methodology for implementing Organizational Resilience is built on R-SEC which begins with a Risk Assessment, identifies Teams of people, appropriate Techniques, effective Technologies, and regular Training.   All of this, when done in a Plan, Do, Check, Act model leads to resilient schools and colleges.

Effective implementation of Organizational Resilience with R-SEC is paramount to ensuring the best possible outcome when the disruptive event occurs.  Key to implementing Organizational Resilience is first a recognition that there is a need for the entire organizations ecosystem (employees, suppliers, external agencies & stakeholders, students, staff and parents) to be involved.  This involvement is enhanced when it is issued as a written policy.  When this has occurred, the process of creating schools and colleges that are resilient to any type of disruptive event will begin.  The end result will be a safer, more productive and efficient education environment.

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