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Integrated Incident Management

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Reducing Risks from Workplace Accidents to Major Emergencies

Date: March 31
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 (GMT +1)

Organizations are vulnerable to a broad spectrum of risks every day — from a worker injury on an assembly line to a hazardous chemical spill to a natural disaster or act of terrorism.  Whether it’s a series of recurring workplace accidents or a single event that escalates into a major emergency, your organization’s ability to prevent or mitigate the impact of such hazards depends upon your ability to manage critical information. 

Learn how industry and government leaders in Europe and around the world are using new information systems and best practices to reduce the risks and costs of incident management.  See how they identify root causes of worker injuries in order to prevent them from recurring and how they are able to respond quickly to a large-scale incident in order to protect lives and property.

Hear internationally recognized experts speak about their years of experience helping companies from multiple industry sectors (transportation, energy, manufacturing and more) and agencies at all levels of government (national, regional, local).  Find out how YOUR organization can use the latest information management tools/techniques to reduce your risks and costs.


  • Jan Otten, CEO and Founder of  RESPOND BV — Leading provider of incident information management solutions in The Netherlands
  • John Gargett,  Principle & R-SEC Professional, True System Designers – Experts in incident/crisis information systems
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