Education presents a unique challenge in keeping the greatest asset on the planet, our children, out of harms way.  School administrations and children in today’s school systems face a myriad of challenges from bullying, shootings, violence, drugs, and vandalism.  TRUSYS has developed a unique response to this field by incorporating an Organizational Resilience strategy to ensure schools are prepared for the unthinkable.  Disruptive events involving shootings and other violent crimes sometimes escalate beyond what a technology investment alone can provide, therefore it is important to know how to navigate the real time challenges of responding to and recovering from these challenges.  TRUSYS has extensive knowledge and experience working in the Education field and has provided solutions around the globe to education institutions.

TRUSYS helps protect the greatest assets on the planet by supporting our clients with the following capabilities: 

  • Understand your exposures by identifying operational risks from internal and external threats
  • Increase operational up-time by preparing the business culture for management of disruptive events
  • Improve competitive market position by not getting distracted with disruptions, make your company resilient
  • Develop and audit policies for how information is used and distributed
  • Understand your network leaks and analyze how your network infrastructure may be vulnerable
  • Assess your physical security exposure to sensitive information
  • Standardize and streamline your security program including security response, controls, and technology to align with your operational risks
  • Improve your situational awareness with enterprise level command and control solutions
  • Implement controls and audits to keep track of personnel movements and access to critical assets and information
  • Design security technology solutions for new buildings and retro fit projects
  • All hazards analysis including fire and chemicals to identify safety risks
  • Asset protection and mitigation of damage caused by fire or chemicals
  • Reduce the impact to operations with properly trained fire brigade personnel and response procedures