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Seattle, WA (PRWEB) 9, September, 2009 – Mr. John Gargett, President of Fairhaven International LLC and Mr. Ryan Taylor, CEO of True System Designers, Limited (TRUSYS) announce the integration of Fairhaven’s Crisis and Emergency Consulting practice into the expanding services offered by TRUSYS.  In addition to adding a new area of expertise to the TRUSYS team, this adds Bellingham, WA, to the cities where TRUSYS has resident Professionals: Seattle, Portland, OR, Vancouver, BC, and Bangalore, India.  See www.trusys.com

Mr Gargett comments: “Having spent over twenty years developing automated solutions for Crisis and Emergency Information Management Problems, I have been looking for partners who understood how the physical security industry needs a fresh approach that integrates Risk – Security, Emergency and Crisis disciplines (R-SEC).  The convergence of Information and Security technologies creates new opportunities to better serve our government and private clients.  TRUSYS has built in a very short time one of the most impressive technical team in our industry.  Their enthusiasm for innovation made them the first security firm to apply Building Information Technology (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) to security application.  To serve our client well in the future Fairhaven needed a technology team of TRUSYS’ calibre.”

Mr Taylor adds: “We founded TRUSYS to magnify the impact of intelligent technology on the physical security industry.  John has been a leader in applying Information Management to Emergency and Crisis planning and responses in multiple national and international situations.  This is a very natural fit.  Few people with backgrounds similar to John’s really understand how new technology transforms current R-SEC methods. To add his experience and expertise to our team is really important to help TRUSYS serve our clients better.  Our professionals are looking forward to leveraging John’s knowledge into innovative and high quality solutions for our clients.”

For additional information about this release, contact Mr. Jeff Baker, Operations Manager, or visit www.prweb.com.


True System Designers, Limited is headquartered in Seattle, WA and has resident professionals in Portland, OR, Vancouver, BC, Bangalore, India, and now Bellingham WA.  TRUSYS professionals apply advanced technology to physical security for corporate and government clients.


Mr Jeff Baker, MBA, PMP, Operations Manager

True System Designers, Limited


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