Command & Control

TRUSYS has worked on some of the most notable command and control operations centers in the world.  Our expert team knows how to bring together operations, training, technology, and the techniques to manage your worldwide risk.  TRUSYS specializes in the resilience of organizations and in order to steer clear of disasters you need business process and technology in place that enables you to manage the situation.

[toggle title=”Command and Control Solutions”]Space, staff, and budget can be limited to new security operations. TRUSYS designs and recommends cost effective and efficient solutions for security operations. Command and Control stations are centralized units that deal with organizational issues such as security, network, facilities, or all of the above. Information is supplied by the various systems and decisions are actively made detailing appropriate responses. TRUSYS has designed many spaces optimized for function and providing optimal operational conditions.[/toggle][toggle title=”Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)”]Security investments are costly and integration is becoming more of a requirement for legacy systems. PSIM offers a customized approach to integration. TRUSYS supports a clients need for deployment and supplies requirements that assist in the applications operation based on the needs of the business.

PSIM offers a way to blend security and business applications seamlessly so that instead of individual processes for IP Video, Access Control, etc., a single platform is used to combine information for total situational awareness. PSIM leverages existing investments to provide convergence instead of purchasing new fully integrated software. TRUSYS supports the client team in the decision and implementation process.[/toggle]