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Mr. Ryan Taylor, founder and CEO of TRUSYS, is pleased to announce the opening of the TRUSYS Institute with the first event scheduled for June 9, 2011.

Mr. Taylor comments, “We first envisioned the TRUSYS Institute when we were writing the original business plan for TRUSYS.  Our plan was to provide a specialized capability in the area of organizational resilience, information protection, physical security, and fire & hazard safety.  We decided not to sell hardware, software or other services that restricted us from being neutral and unbiased in our approach.  As a result we had to establish a “thought leader” advantage to separate TRUSYS from our competition.  We saw the TRUSYS Institute as a place to research, learn and teach the newest concepts related to organizational resilience.”

“Mr. John Gargett took on the responsibility of Managing Principal to lead the TRUSYS team in the execution of our strategic and tactical plans and I am delighted that he accepted the additional role of managing the TRUSYS Institute.  Mr. Gargett is eminently qualified for this role.  His experience starting with his early leadership in the development of the original courses on technology for the National Emergency Training Center to his development of R-SEC™, a methodology used to implement Organizational Resilience.  He participates in several industry committees helping TRUSYS contribute to the advancement of our industry practices.  Now he will lead hands-on advances in Organizational Resilience knowledge.”

Mr. Gargett adds, “Leading the TRUSYS Institute is a rewarding role after spending over 30 years in the industry.  Our industry has a valuable mission to fulfill.  We need to develop new knowledge and best practices to teach other leaders how to implement these strategies to protect the value of their organizations.  We are privileged to participate in industry forums and committees and we plan to be the first ones to implement and share the best practices leaders of our various security and safety disciplines recommend.”

The TRUSYS Institute’s first program is a perfect example of bringing industry thought leaders together.  On June 9, two TRUSYS colleagues from the Netherlands will share their reflections with a selected audience.


  • Mr Leon de Brujin, co-founder of the Physical Security Innovation Center (PSIC) in The Hague will speak on “Crisis Management and Terrorism Preparedness in the Netherlands – 20 years of Lessons.”
  • And Mr Paul Pattynama, who has served as a safety leader in the Netherlands will speak on “Preparedness and Planning between the Public and Private Sector”.


This event will be followed by an intimate reception to launch the TRUSYS Institute.

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